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Turbovital Long R3 IGF1 HGH (Human Growth Hormone) box of 2500 Mcg

Turbovital  Long R3 IGF1 HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) boite de 2500 Mcg

Turbovital  Long R3 IGF1 HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) boite de 2500 Mcg
Prix ​​à l'Unite (or 2500 mcg): € 749.00

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Turbovital Long R3 IGF1 HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ) boite de 2500 Mcg : 25 flacons de 100 Mcg

  • Laboratory: GeneScience pharmaceuticals (GenSci)
  • Form: injection
  • Ingredients: igtropin
  • Presentation: both of 2500 mcg. 25 Vial of 100mcg
  • Dosage : Minimum take 20 mcg, 120 mcg may take up daily
  • Type : Cycle stabilization firmness
  • In a couple cycle Ground with: testosterones injectables.
  • To couple a stabilization cycle firmness: winstrol,primobolan et testosterones injectables.
  • Protection : antiestrogen: nolvadex and proviron during cycle 1 of each day if you cut with an injectable hormone testosterone.
  • Recovery: 20 days take 1 per day clomid for recovery at the end of the cycle.
  • Level: All Users

The positives Turbovital

  1. Increased muscle mass and strength
  2. Reduction of fat
  3. Improves texture and elasticity of the skin
  4. Wrinkle reduction and restructuring of the facial muscles: slows aging
  5. Improved hair growth and nails
  6. Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
  7. Produces a deep and relaxing sleep
  8. Increased level of energy and well-being
  9. Improved immune
  10. Increase in bone mass
  11. Protection of tissues and organs against catabolism
  12. Improved recovery.
  13. Healing effect on all minor injuries faced by sportsmen as tendinitis, stretching, pain in elbow, etc.

Negative points Turbovital

The growth hormones taken creates harmful side effects when you do not follow the doses (no more than 16 IU / day).

  1. Hypoglycemia
  2. Hypoactivity thyroid

Nos conseils Best Steroid Shop

  • We advise you to IGF-1 LR 3 Minimum 4 weeks, you can go up to 8 weeks.
  • Comply with the daily doses and the minimum duration of treatment.

Informations sur Turbovital

Known for many years in the worlds of bodybuilding, growth hormone (HGH) in combination with intensive training is the most effective way to become muscular quickly and permanently without the use of anabolic steroids. Scientists who have studied this hormone are unanimous, that is what is closest to the "Fountain of Youth" in terms of positive effect on the body, mind and energy level.

What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone is designated by health professionals under the terms omatotrophine or somatropin. Compared to animal hormones, growth hormone is of human origin, indicated by the abbreviation "h". Thereby providing for HGH growth hormone while the animal hormone is referred HGH. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, a member located in the brain and is regulated by other hormones produced by the hypothalamus: the somatolibérine and somatostatin. Indeed, if the amount of somatolibérine is high, then the output will be an important hormone HGH. Conversely, if the amount of somatostatin is low, the production of the hormone HGH be limited. With less HGH in the blood, your metabolism naturally slows down which reveals the visible signs of aging. With the advancement of time, we produce less HGH and that is why a course of HGH has a very positive effect to increase muscle mass permanently.

The benefits of growth hormone

As you might know, when you do weight training, you cause microscopic tearing in the muscle, it is at this moment that the musk is manufactured. Growth hormone accelerates the rate at which body cells reproduce and repair the damage.
HGH also reduces the time needed for rest and recovery after a workout because your muscles repair themselves at an accelerated pace.

HGH has positive effects on the whole body. It increases bone density, flexibility and strength of joints. This ensures that the bodybuilders has less risk of injury.

Scientific studies have also proven that HGH increases the metabolism, which means you burn calories faster instead of storing fat. This is not only to dry the body and reduce the percentage of body fat even making dietary differences but also your energy level.

HGH also helps maintain youth including a reduction in wrinkles, and hair growth, improved sexual performance and increased life for those looking to add years to their life and life their years.

You should know that HGH should be used daily and for a long enough to see the desired results arrived. (Minimum 3 months, optimum 6 months)


Storage as a lyophilized powder (before reconstitution):

- Storage refrigerated between 2 ° C and 8 ° C (39-46 ° F), 1yr conservation (until expiration date)
- At room temperature (up to 37 degrees Celsius), conservation 30 days
- A maximum of 45 degrees Celsius, one week Conservation

Storage as reconstituted (liquid):

After the HGH has been mixed with the solvent and is in liquid form, it must be stored refrigerated and protected from light, and should be used within 3 days. It is always advisable to use HGH as soon as possible after reconstitution.


The growth hormone is administered in the form of subcutaneous injections - that is to say under the skin bites - daily. These subcutaneous injections are made using extremely fine needles having a length generally between 5 and 8 mm. There are injector devices has insulin syringe type, which are generally very easy to use and preferred by bodybuilders. These syringes are found in 0.5ml (50 units) or 1 ml (100 units).

When should I give my injection?

To obtain optimum effects, users inject daily dose several times throughout the day, in doses of 2 IU. We specify that the growth hormone is produced mainly at night. The injection of the evening is the most important of the day, after 18 hours, before dinner or before bedtime to mimic secretion. In practice, we can be flexible on this issue time and it is not necessary to make the injections all the time at the same time.

Where should we do the injections?

The injections can be made in the thighs, buttocks, arms, abdomen, according to preference. The most preferable area is at the abdomen, to the stomach, left or right of the navel (Be careful not to be too close to the navel).

It is important to change the injection site to avoid the appearance of subcutaneous reactions are called "lipoatrophy" and that may prevent the normal passage of the drug injected into the bloodstream. Use an alcohol pad to clean the injection site and let dry for a few seconds. Pinch the skin at the injection site.

How should we do the injections?

The hormones are in the form of two vials, one vial with water and sterilized powder vial (HGH).

You must first time you wash your hands with soap and clean the plug of sterilized water with an alcohol swab to maintain sterility. You must pull 1 ml of sterile water into the syringe and injecting the powder in the vial. Molecules of HGH are very fragile, sensitive to heat and rapid movements. Do not shake the bottle when mixing. Do not inject water directly into sterilized powder forcefully leave gently slide down inside the bottle. You then gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all the powder is dissolved (it takes about 3-4 minutes).

The vials are under vacuum, you must get rid of depression, why take a syringe, draw air in and inject air into the vial (not in cash, but in the air above the liquid) . This will remove depression. You can then remove the HGH that you need.

Most athletes take between 5 to 16 IU of GH per day, knowing that the minimum dose to achieve an effect is 5 IU. Growth hormone is generally used in a stack with testosterone.

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Customer Reviews:

Pascal009 (mercredi, 22 août 2013)
Note: 5
Quality is seen and the results are impressive to me is the MAGIC PRODUCT :))))) rnNikitta, you're right, I opted on that on the advice of their specialist aussi.rnLe service is waiting for you ...
Nikitta (Friday, 05 July 2013)
Note: 5
HGH best I've ever used since the time that I take the products. My choice is thanks to you and your advice. I put a high price but I do not regret. The results are TOP!

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